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Welcome to Heizotrans

Conveyor and transport systems for wood chips -
efficient and tried and tested


We think of everything about environmentally friendly heating with wood chips - including the efficient transport of wood chips into the bunker (internal wood chip storage).

The heating systems are as individual as our customers, which is why we adapt the filling technology for you. Whether you want to convey the fuel upwards with our Heizotrans systems or horizontally with our push-in screws, we have the right solution for you.

We therefore offer you tried and tested, robust conveyor and transport systems under our Heizotrans brand. Depending on the application and local conditions, we can supply you with specially adapted lengths. We want you in your company (trade, trade, agriculture, hotel) to achieve a smooth wood chip heating operation that binds few resources to people and material.

This is why you will find modern and quick-to-install wood chip conveyor screws, wood chip vertical screws and wood chip blowers at Heizotrans.

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This is how much you can save...

Wood chips and other wood-based fuels are unbeatable in terms of price and wood chips in particular have shown a stable price development over many years. Thanks to our Heizomat systems, cheaper wood chips from residual wood, greenery along the road and wood from thinning can also be used.

The energy prices for gas and oil, on the other hand, are quite different: they have recorded strong increases, especially in the period from 2000 to 2009. Because gas is linked to the oil price, the price of this energy source also rose faster than the actual production costs and, in addition, there are of course EEG surcharges in Germany.

Meet the family...

We develop and produce fully automatic wood heating systems, professional wood chipping machines and more for the sustainable use of domestic resources.

Once the trees have been felled, the raw material must be processed quickly. For optimal value, this also applies to small wood, tree tops and wood waste.

Heizotruck power packs solve even the most demanding tasks, whether in the forest or in the field. We have models for forestry and agricultural use on offer.

Our philosophy

Heizomat - The Company /

Heizomat makes its products exclusively in Germany at its two production sites in Gunzenhausen/Maicha and Heidenheim. This means that we can have our products manufactured at the highest technical level by very qualified specialists.

Heating cost calculator

Heating Cost Calculator /

With our fully automatic wood chip and biomass combustion systems, you can heat in a way that is not only environmentally friendly and in balance with nature, but also cheaper than with fossil fuels like oil and gas.

Jobs & Careers

Heizomat Jobs and Careers /

Heizomat is an internationally successful company with a worldwide customer base. The industry knows us as a quality-conscious manufacturer of wood chip and biomass boiler systems and hand and crane-fed chippers.

Heizomat timeline

Heizomat - Our Story /

Our first product after the company was founded in 1982 was a Heizomat boiler with a day tank. Many innovative pieces of equipment have followed since then, as have new business areas.

The Heidenheim site

The Heidenheim site /

Positive business performance and increasing demand for our Heizomat wood heating systems led to us acquiring the properties of the former Hahnenkamm barracks in Heidenheim in 2005.

The wood chip cycle

The Wood Chip Cycle /

Our business is pure sustainability, resource efficiency and regionality. Heizomat promotes an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible wood chip cycle and is itself part of this concept. The focus is on a regional value chain.