Heizomat second-hand market

Heizomat second-hand market

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Heizomat second-hand market

Our second-hand market has a constantly changing range of chippers, wood chip heaters and agricultural trucks, along with forestry, heating technology and plant equipment products and accessories.


Second-hand market

Z-crane TF550C

Solid tin cutters- cutting performance: up to 7mm


Z-crane TF550C

  • Cutting performance: up to 7mm
  • Working width: 2500mm

Subject to remaining unsold
Price 5,500 incl. VAT.
Contact: +49 9836 97 97-0 or info@heizomat.de

Crane KTS 7.5

Hydrocontrol proportional control


Crane KTS 7.5

  • Hydrocontrol proportional control
  • Rotator 3 tonnes
  • Reach 7.4m
  • Lifting force at max. extension 243kg
  • Hardox brushwood grabber
  • Flap down support

Subject to remaining unsold
Image show different device! Available and ready to use immediately
Price (incl. VAT): 20,328
Price (plus VAT): 17,082
Contact: +49 9836 97 97-0 or info@heizomat.de

Heizotruck demonstration model

Heizotruck 2045 - right-hand drive


Heizotruck demonstration model

  • Heizotruck 2045 - right-hand drive
  • First registration 02.06.2016
  • Mileage: 6500km
  • Operating hours: 634
  • 6-cylinder MB engine with 450hp
  • 4x4 all-wheel drive
  • 16 gears with PowerShift 3
  • Total weight 18,000kg
  • 2x differential shafts
  • Air conditioning
  • Planetary axles
  • ABS can be switched off
  • Differential lock on both axles
  • Mechanical rear PTO shaft
  • LoadSensing 130m3
  • Reversible fan
  • Diesel tank: 390L, hydraulic oil: 200L
  • Front/rear tyres: 495/70R24
  • Approved for 80km/h

Subject to remaining unsold
Price on request
Contact: +49 9836 97 97-0 or info@heizomat.de


Meet the family...

Once the trees have been felled, the raw material must be processed quickly. For optimal value, this also applies to small wood, tree tops and wood waste.

All aspects are considered with regard to environmentally friendly heating with woodchips - including the efficient transport of the woodchips into the bunker.

Heizotruck power packs solve even the most demanding tasks, whether in the forest or in the field. We have models for forestry and agricultural use on offer.

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The increasing demand for wood chip heating & innovative energy solutions was the initiator for our second site in Germany, the location Heidenheim in Bavaria.

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Heizomat is an international company with a worldwide customer base. Join our team of professionals for innovative energy solutions and heating systems.

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Our business is pure resource efficiency and regionality. Heizomat promotes an environmentally-friendly wood chip cycle & is itself part of this concept.

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With our fully automatic wood chip and biomass combustion systems, you can heat in a way that is environmentally friendly and in balance with our local nature.

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Heizomat was founded in 1982. Many innovative pieces of equipment for climate neutral wood chip heatings have followed since then, as have new business areas.