Heizomat - product overview

Heizomat - product overview

Heizomat - product overview

Discover the entire Heizomat product world here as we present each product to you comprehensively via detailed descriptions with text, images, technical data and product information sheets for downloading. Further service functions are the digital catalog and a product request directly via an electronic form for the respective Heizomat device.

In this section you can also get to know our RHK-AK biomass firing systems up to 990 kW. This boiler series was specially developed for the use of inferior class B1 wood chips, pellets and industrial waste such as residual wood from one-way pallets. We also present all models of the HSK-RA boiler series up to 200 kW - these have a wood chip, pellet and chip boiler. Other Heizomat products that you can find here on our websites are, for example, discharge chains, particle separators and Heizocontrol monitoring tools as well as our complete container solutions.

Heizomat - RHK-AK

RHK-AK Biomasse-Feuerungsanlagen /

The RHK-AK boiler series has been specially developed to use low-grade B1 wood chips, pellets and industrial waste such as waste wood from disposable pallets. Thanks to the heart-shaped incinerator, the RHK-AK achieves the lowest emission values with optimal efficiency.

Heizomat HSK-RA

HSK-RA Hackschnitzel-, Pellets- und Späneheizkessel /

The all-rounder among wood chip boilers is the Heizomat HSK-RA. This boiler type with complete cladding is characterised by its high effectiveness, its robust processing, best emission values and simple use.

Discharger technology

Heizomat - Austragungssysteme /

It was only this technology, developed by HEIZOMAT back in 1982, that made it possible to burn wood chips safely, fully automatically and conveniently. The agitator with loosening geometry guarantees trouble-free transportation of the heating material from the silo to the boiler system.

Emission technology

Hezomat Emissionstechnik /

With the HeizoClean EF 185 electrostatic particle separator you can use the future of filter technology in your Heizomat today. Along with the innovative control concept the EF 185 sets new standards in filter technology for biomass systems with its robust design, automatic cleaning and simple handling.

Complete solution

Heizomat Containersystem /

Whether it's heating containers for industry, heating modules for private use or technical rooms for the contractor. With our complete solutions, we offer you solutions from a single source.


Heizomat Regelungstechnik /

The Heizocontrol ET100 and ET200 offer sensational technology with self-explanatory menu navigation, together with our three decades of experience in heating with wood.


Heizopump (Wärmepumpentechnik) /

Heat pumps use the solar energy stored in the air and convert it into valuable heating energy. Like our wood chip heaters, our Heizopump family not only saves CO2 for our environment, but also makes you independent of fossil fuels.


Heizogreif - Greifzange für Stamm- und Wipfelholz /

Heizomat’s wood fuel tongs are ideal for transporting trunk and treetop wood as well as larger quantities of bushes and shrubs. The robust Heizogreif comes with sturdy prongs and claws and is made from the highest quality solid steel.


Heizoblock /

Heizoblock is a modular formwork system ideally suited for building inexpensive solid storage boxes, e.g. for storing wood chips. The variable shape of the formwork means there are no limits to design or size.

Meet the family...

Once the trees have been felled, the raw material must be processed quickly. For optimal value, this also applies to small wood, tree tops and wood waste.

All aspects are considered with regard to environmentally friendly heating with woodchips - including the efficient transport of the woodchips into the bunker.

Heizotruck power packs solve even the most demanding tasks, whether in the forest or in the field. We have models for forestry and agricultural use on offer.

Recommended Links

Recommended Links from Heizomat /

Here you will find some interesting direct or indirect references from works representatives, partners, authorities and others who are connected to Heizomat - Gerätebau + Energiesysteme GmbH.

Jobs & Careers

Heizomat Jobs and Careers /

Heizomat is an internationally successful company with a worldwide customer base. The industry knows us as a quality-conscious manufacturer of wood chip and biomass boiler systems and hand and crane-fed chippers.

Heizomat timeline

Heizomat - Our Story /

Our first product after the company was founded in 1982 was a Heizomat boiler with a day tank. Many innovative pieces of equipment have followed since then, as have new business areas.

Heating cost calculator

Heating Cost Calculator /

With our fully automatic wood chip and biomass combustion systems, you can heat in a way that is not only environmentally friendly and in balance with nature, but also cheaper than with fossil fuels like oil and gas.

The wood chip cycle

The Wood Chip Cycle /

Our business is pure sustainability, resource efficiency and regionality. Heizomat promotes an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible wood chip cycle and is itself part of this concept. The focus is on a regional value chain.

The Maicha site

The Maicha site /

Our main site is located at the headquarters in Maicha (Weisenburg-Gunzenhausen district, Bavaria). Around 130 qualified employees manufacture our Heizomat wood chip and biomass heating systems and wood chippers here.