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Heizopump (heat pump technology)

Heat pumps use the solar energy stored in the air and convert it into valuable heating energy. Like our wood chip heaters, our Heizopump family not only saves CO2 for our environment, but also makes you independent of fossil fuels.

Not only can the heated air be used optimally thanks to our Heizopump system, your photovoltaic system can also find its place in the Heizomat system. The self-generated electricity from the roof uses the Heizopump and makes your building self-sufficient. If you do not yet have a photovoltaic system, you can supplement your heating pump with our sun-powered HeizoSolar T5, generating up to 30% more energy than with permanently installed systems.

The coefficient of performance of a heat pump indicates how much useful energy is supplied with one unit of operating energy. A coefficient of performance of 3 means that 3kW of heating power come with 1kW of electricity. 2kW come free of charge from the sun and environment.

Our domestic water heat pump can help you reduce your water heating costs to the lowest level. Your Heizomat will not operate from about May to September.

The advantages are obvious:

  • no constant ignition of the boiler system = lower power consumption!
  • no need to build up a fire bed = material savings!
  • no sweating range when starting up = increased service life!

Heizopump (heat pump technology)

The new Heizomat heat pumps offer outstanding energy efficiency, durability, TOP control and, above all, even easier handling. High COP values ensure the most economical consumption and are an optimal complement to our heating systems.

The Heizopump BW 270 domestic water heat pump

is the energy-saving solution for your home!


Heizopump BW 270 domestic water heat pump

  • Lowest possible energy consumption thanks to even better COP values (A20: 3.8, A15: 3.5, A7: 3.16) according to EN 16147
  • New R513a refrigerant with low GWP and greater effectiveness
  • Horizontal heat exchanger connections
  • Even quieter -4dB(A) to 53dB(A)
  • Improved PV function to maximize own use
  • Easier handling thanks to improved connection location
  • Operating range: -5°C to + 43°C
  • With maintenance-free ACI hybrid external current anode
  • 1.8kW auxiliary heater - no calcification possible thanks to dry heating element
  • Generously sized heat exchanger (1.2m2) for connecting additional energy generators
  • Intelligent photovoltaic boost function with two interfaces
  • Smart Control – adapts to individual user behaviour
  • Select the most economical energy source depending on outdoor temperature

Our domestic water heat pump can help you reduce your water heating costs to the lowest level. Your Heizomat will simply not operate from about May to September.

The advantages are obvious:

  • no constant ignition of the boiler system = lower power consumption
  • no need to build up a fire bed = material savings
  • no sweating range when starting up= increased service life

Technical features of the BW - 270

  • Digital control (removable)
  • Energy cost savings of up to 75%
  • Easy to install, minimal space required, fully wired
  • Ideal thermal insulation
  • Safe hygiene thanks to legionella function
  • 1.8kW immersion heater system
  • Active cathode corrosion protection thanks to ACI hybrid system
  • Additional heat exchanger with 1.3m²
  • 5-year warranty on storage and electronics

Technical data

  • Storage (liters): 270
  • Coating: glazed steel
  • Heat output (kW): 2 (max. 3.8)
  • Power consumption (kW): 0.3 (max. 0.58)
  • Application range (°C): 5 to 43
  • Air throughput (m³/h): approx. 300 - 390
  • Dimensions HxD (mm): 1959 X 676
  • Weight (kg): 101

The Heizopump SW 500 domestic water heat pump

The air-to-water heat pump for your home!


Heizopump SW 500 domestic water heat pump

  • Splitting device for external storage up to 500 l
  • For households up to 5 people
  • Water temperature up to 60°C
  • Fully wired
  • Simple assembly
  • Minimal space required
  • Air duct DN150 up to 20m possible
  • Internal heat exchanger
  • Storage charging via integrated circulation pump
  • Legionella treatment with the heat pump
  • Also available as a package solution with 300 l or 500 l storage tank or twin solution with 750 l splitting device
  • Tiptronic plus controller with touch display for easy operation for:
    - Hot water control with selectable hygienic comfort setting
    - Real time clock
    - Ventilation function with integrated speed control and time program
    - Heat pump operation with defrost function for use up to -10°C air temperature
    - Preparation for electric heating element on site
    - With the SmartGrid function of the Tiptronic plus, the Europe Mini IWP is already prepared for smart metering

Range of uses

  • Hot water circulation
  • Storage room cooling
  • Cellar dehumidification
  • Combination with existing pellet, solar or boiler systems

Technical data

  • Heat output (kW): 12
  • Power consumption (kW): 3
  • COP (coefficient of performance): 4
  • Fuse (A): 32/type C
  • Refrigerant type: R417A
  • Water connections: DN20
  • Recommended buffer tank size (liters): above 500
  • Circulation required (liters per h): 4000
  • Dimensions HxWxD (mm): 1115 x 425 x 680
  • Weight (kg): 122

Meet the family...

Once the trees have been felled, the raw material must be processed quickly. For optimal value, this also applies to small wood, tree tops and wood waste.

All aspects are considered with regard to environmentally friendly heating with woodchips - including the efficient transport of the woodchips into the bunker.

Heizotruck power packs solve even the most demanding tasks, whether in the forest or in the field. We have models for forestry and agricultural use on offer.

Jobs & Careers

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Heizomat is an internationally successful company with a worldwide customer base. The industry knows us as a quality-conscious manufacturer of wood chip and biomass boiler systems and hand and crane-fed chippers.

Our philosophy

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Heizomat makes its products exclusively in Germany at its two production sites in Gunzenhausen/Maicha and Heidenheim. This means that we can have our products manufactured at the highest technical level by very qualified specialists.

The wood chip cycle

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Our business is pure sustainability, resource efficiency and regionality. Heizomat promotes an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible wood chip cycle and is itself part of this concept. The focus is on a regional value chain.

The Maicha site

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Our main site is located at the headquarters in Maicha (Weisenburg-Gunzenhausen district, Bavaria). Around 130 qualified employees manufacture our Heizomat wood chip and biomass heating systems and wood chippers here.

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Here you will find some interesting direct or indirect references from works representatives, partners, authorities and others who are connected to Heizomat - Gerätebau + Energiesysteme GmbH.

The Heidenheim site

The Heidenheim site /

Positive business performance and increasing demand for our Heizomat wood heating systems led to us acquiring the properties of the former Hahnenkamm barracks in Heidenheim in 2005.