Pallet chipper

Pallet chipper

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Pallet Chippers

Whether it’s pallets, timber, boards or whatever, the SPE - 1300 reduces them nails, screws and all to high-quality wood chips which can then be easily burned in our RHK - AK boilers.

The machine achieves an output of up to 5m³ of wood chips per hour at only 18.5kW. These 5m³ replace approximately 350 liters of oil, which means a value of €280 per hour at an oil price of 80 cents. You also save the disposal costs. This means that the machine pays for itself after just 110 hours! (115h * €280 = €32,000).

Heizohack SPE - 1300

Efficient recycling of pallets and squared timbers into high-quality wood chips


Heizohack SPE - 1300

The SPE 1300 hand-fed pallet chopper was specially designed for crushing pallets and sawmill residue into high-quality wood chips. Natural pallets which normally have to be disposed of can be converted into valuable fuel. The stationary machine produces high-quality wood chips with a size of 30-50mm. Up to 30 pallets can be crushed per hour.

The chipper has a replaceable counter blade and 36 reversible blades that can be turned once. Feeding is not forced and takes place in a energy-saving manner thanks to the deadweight of the material to be chipped. The cutting unit is driven by a belt run from an electric motor. By continuously measuring the current consumption, the SPE 1300 reverses in the event of overload and switches off automatically when no more chipping material is present.

Technical data:

  • Length (mm): 1940
  • Width (mm): 1200
  • Height (mm): 1920
  • Weight (kg): 1,000
  • Number of blades (pcs.): 36
  • Perforated sieve (mm): 30
  • In-feed opening (mm): 1320 X 220
  • Rotor speed (rpm): 60
  • Rotor diameter (mm): 300
  • Drive power (kW): 18.5
  • Sound pressure level LpA 1m (db): 82

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We develop and produce fully automatic wood heating systems, professional wood chipping machines and more for the sustainable use of domestic resources.

All aspects are considered with regard to environmentally friendly heating with woodchips - including the efficient transport of the woodchips into the bunker.

Heizotruck power packs solve even the most demanding tasks, whether in the forest or in the field. We have models for forestry and agricultural use on offer.

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Heizomat makes its products exclusively in Germany at its two production sites in Gunzenhausen/Maicha and Heidenheim. This means that we can have our products manufactured at the highest technical level by very qualified specialists.

The Maicha site

The Maicha site /

Our main site is located at the headquarters in Maicha (Weisenburg-Gunzenhausen district, Bavaria). Around 130 qualified employees manufacture our Heizomat wood chip and biomass heating systems and wood chippers here.

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With our fully automatic wood chip and biomass combustion systems, you can heat in a way that is not only environmentally friendly and in balance with nature, but also cheaper than with fossil fuels like oil and gas.

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Our first product after the company was founded in 1982 was a Heizomat boiler with a day tank. Many innovative pieces of equipment have followed since then, as have new business areas.

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Heizomat is an internationally successful company with a worldwide customer base. The industry knows us as a quality-conscious manufacturer of wood chip and biomass boiler systems and hand and crane-fed chippers.

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The Heidenheim site /

Positive business performance and increasing demand for our Heizomat wood heating systems led to us acquiring the properties of the former Hahnenkamm barracks in Heidenheim in 2005.