Hand-feed chipper

Hand-feed chipper

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Hand-feed Woodchippers

Hand-feed HEIZOHACK chippers are perfect for general use by forestry cooperatives and associations and as private chippers for producing wood chips for your own wood chip heating. Ideal for dealing with weak wood, treetop wood, wood waste and trunks up to 40cm in diameter.

All hand-feed chippers comply with the requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG) with the GS mark “Tested safety”.



All Heizohack chippers offer a host of advantages:

  • All Heizohack chippers with chassis are road-approved in Germany.
  • Blades evenly distributed on the rotor ensure the chipper runs smoothly and with less stress.
  • Best quality wood chips thanks to the use of special sieves.
  • Easy to operate. Easy to use. Setting the in-feed speed is simple.
  • The anti-stress in-feed control ensures the drive unit is not overloaded, protecting the chipper.


  • Easy to maintain, powerful, low fuel consumption, high-quality wood chips
  • Autonomous hydraulic system due to own oil supply.
  • Hydraulically driven in-feed chain belt and upper in-feed roller.
  • Aggressive in-feed thanks to a steel track belt and a large upper in-feed roller with high deadweight.
  • Optional in-feed chain belt in the in-feed flap.
  • Continuously height-adjustable ejector tower, hydraulically height-adjustable.


Hand-feed chipper

Heizohack HM 4-300 und HM 6-300

The smallest series of Heizohack drum chippers

⇒ 30 cm in-feed height


Heizohack HM 4-300 and HM 6-300

The HM 300 belongs to the smallest series of Heizohack drum chippers and is available with or without a chassis for mounting on the 3-point hitch of the carrier vehicle. The chipper is driven by a tractor or similar vehicle.

More information:

  • Flexible area of use
  • 30cm in-feed height
  • Driven by propshaft

Data Sheet

Heizohack HM 6-300 VM

Hand-feed Heizohack drum chipper

⇒ 30 cm in-feed height


Heizohack HM 6-300 VM

This hand-feed Heizohack drum chipper comes on a 3.5t galvanised tandem chassis manufactured by AL-KO. It is powered by a Caterpillar engine in emission class Tier V. The chipper is constructed on a swing bearing which rotates 270° and can therefore be positioned individually for the chipping material.

This makes the Heizohack HM 6-300 VM ideal for gardening, landscaping and municipal work.

More information:

  • Chassis with trailing axle
  • 30cm in-feed height
  • Powered by water-cooled Caterpillar engine

Data Sheet

Heizohack HM 8-400

GS-tested Heizohack chipper

⇒ 40 cm in-feed height


Heizohack HM 8-400

GS-tested Heizohack chippers in the HM 400 series can be optionally equipped with a chassis capable of 25 km/h with a cable-operated brake or 40km/h with compressed-air brake. The drum chopper can optionally be equipped with a hydraulically height-adjustable ejector tower.


More information:

  • Flexible area of use
  • 40 cm in-feed height
  • Driven by propshaft

Data Sheet

Heizohack HM 6-300 EM und HM 8-400 EM

Stationary Heizohack chipper

⇒ 30 cm in-feed height


Heizohack HM 6-300 EM and HM 8-400 EM

Equipped with an electric motor as a power source, these hand-feed Heizohack chippers are for stationary use. They are intended for use in sawmills, carpenters' shops and joineries. But they also find application in the furniture industry.

More information:

  • Stationary place of use
  • 30cm in-feed height
  • Driven by electric motor

Data Sheet


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