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Heat Systems

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Heating System 4.0

The heat supply of the future is innovative, renewable, sustainable and close by.

Local heating systems offer, for example, a community of neighbors, a settlement, a village and/or a district to be supplied with heat and hot water from local raw materials - and this independently of fossil fuels (oil / gas /...).

These micro-systems are being implemented more and more frequently. They pay for themselves quickly and, in addition to the aspects of sustainability and climate friendliness, are also very interesting from an economic point of view. In addition, they are currently very well subsidized by the state in Germany.

The main component of such heating networks is a central thermal power station, which is implemented using a large HEIZOMAT boiler. Since this heating works with wood chips, the heat generated is sustainable and CO2-neutral. This heat is made available to consumers by means of specially insulated heat pipes and transfer stations.

Heating networks 4.0 are characterized by a low flow temperature, sector coupling, network loss reduction, use of long-term storage and the option that several feeders are possible.

Such a heating network offers an interesting, inexpensive and modern alternative to the heating system in your own home. More and more homeowners trust in this efficient and CO2-neutral principle of supply.

In order to supply the buildings with local heating, initiatives are being set up in many villages and communities to implement these projects. Necessary investment and operating costs are financed by so-called connection fees and the heat price.

HEIZOMAT offers not only technically competent advice but also the manufacture of the necessary components. This means that the entire project can be implemented technically by our own team - seamlessly from a single source.

Here you'll find our references of heating networks that have already been implemented »

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We develop and produce fully automatic wood heating systems, professional wood chipping machines and more for the sustainable use of domestic resources.

Once the trees have been felled, the raw material must be processed quickly. For optimal value, this also applies to small wood, tree tops and wood waste.

All aspects are considered with regard to environmentally friendly heating with woodchips - including the efficient transport of the woodchips into the bunker.

Heizotruck power packs solve even the most demanding tasks, whether in the forest or in the field. We have models for forestry and agricultural use on offer.

The Maicha site

The Maicha site /

Around 130 qualified employees manufacture our Heizomat wood chip and biomass heating systems and wood chipper machines in our main site in Maicha, Bavaria.

Heating cost calculator

Heating Cost Calculator /

With our fully automatic wood chip and biomass combustion systems, you can heat in a way that is environmentally friendly and in balance with our local nature.

Our philosophy

Heizomat - The Company /

We make our products exclusively in Germany. This means that we can have our products manufactured at the highest technical level by very qualified specialists.

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On this site you will find some interesting references from works representatives, partners, authorities and others who are connected to the world of Heizomat.

The wood chip cycle

The Wood Chip Cycle /

Our business is pure resource efficiency and regionality. Heizomat promotes an environmentally-friendly wood chip cycle & is itself part of this concept.

The Heidenheim site

The Heidenheim site /

The increasing demand for wood chip heating & innovative energy solutions was the initiator for our second site in Germany, the location Heidenheim in Bavaria.