HEIZOMAT Heating systems from 15 to 990 kW

HSK-RA The special features of the HSK-RA series are that the high-temperature post combustion chamber is integrated in the boiler body and thus the radiant heat of the refractory concrete lining is discharged to the boiler water.

The cleaning is fully automated. Ash must not be removed by hand!

The boiler has through sophisticated airflow a very high fire-related efficiency and provides unsurpassed operating comfort.

A wide variety of fuels such as wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, straw, pellets, etc. can be burned with natural chimney draft. Die Einhaltung der 1. BlmSchV. wird von uns garantiert. With seven boiler we cover a output range from 15 to 200 kW.


HSK-RA The versatility of organic fuels knows no limits. The task of the RHK-AK Baureihe is to use this multiplicity as a heating material.

A round cyclone combustion chamber at the heart of the boiler is the guarantee for the optimum transfer of heat to the boiler water. The counter-rotating air supply ensures very good combustion of the fuel.

Through high-temperature cast blocks primary air is added to the combustion. Through the full fireclay lining of the combustion chamber, secondary air is specifically mixed into the combustion process and an optimum heat yield is achieved.

Everything which inertly turns to gas or burns is slowly moved towards the de-ash system with the chain catches and thereby optimally burned out.