Heizomat timeline

Heizomat timeline

Heizomat through the years...

Our first product after the company was founded in 1982 was a Heizomat boiler with a day tank. Many innovative pieces of equipment have followed since then, as have new business areas. Be it a vegetable oil press or the Heizocontrol ET 200 combustion control system – at Heizomat we will continue to work on sustainable energy systems for industry, agriculture, the hotel industry and private households.

Heizomat has two sites in the Weisenburg-Gunzenhausen district. We employ around 250 people, train apprentices and are an important employer in the region. Here is a quick glance at the history of our company!



Our first highlight in 2018 is the Heizomat fill level sensor, which ensures that material is always supplied to the boiler steadily. This ensures uniform heating and the best emission values.


Heizomat provides heat. The new Heizocontrol CX200 controller upgrade provides the complete solution for your heating network. The local heat manager controls up to six houses with up to four weather-driven heating circuits, domestic water, solar function and much more. The Heizocontrol is designed and delivered in the usual Siemens quality.


The newest member of the Heizomat family is the Heizotruck. Fitted with good ideas and useful functions, the Heizotruck is the ideal towing vehicle for every occasion. The Heizotruck is available in a forestry and an agricultural variant. Along with 510hp of drive power come load sensing, a reversing camera, PTO at the rear and much more as standard.
The motto of our latest HM 8-400 KLC chipper is “all in one”. With a built-in container that holds up to 17m³ and a professional loading crane with a reach of up to 8.4m, our drum chipper once again sets new standards.


As Heizomat develops, so our products develop too. Our new Heitzocontrol ET200 combustion controller is the system manager for your heat supply. In addition to combustion, you can also control up to six heating circuits, buffer management for up to two buffer tanks and solar and domestic water production.
Thanks to the new chain discharger system, energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional worm systems can be achieved. The almost wear-free operation without grinding the fuel is a positive side-effect. The discharger system can handle all common fuels such as G50/P45 chips, pellets and much more.


Our Heizopump domestic hot water heat pump lets you reduce your hot water production costs to the lowest level. Your Heizomat will simply not operate from about May to September.


Heizomat presents a unique solar tracker with technical room. By using the heating philosophy T-5, our customers become their own energy supplier. The core of HeizoSolar is the 5kW sun sail. This sits on a swing bearing which allows the solar power plant to track the sun.


Heizomat turns 30!
The TouchControl TS 7 is another milestone in Heizomat history. The experience of over 30 years of combustion technology have been incorporated into the Siemens technology-based regulator. The self-explanatory display and intuitive menu navigation leave nothing to be desired. Thanks to industrial quality and the use of the tried-and-tested Siemens SImatic, a long service life and worldwide availability are guaranteed.
Courtesy of our vertical wood chip auger, our customers can fill bunkers in a higher location with little dust. The chips can be transported up to 6m vertically upwards.


Heizomat presents the new Heizotrans with chain elevator. This development with filling trough, chain elevator and filling auger is only driven by one motor.


Patented parallel articulated expander agitator: thanks to the parallelised articulated arm, the bunker is now emptied in a circular manner. This protects the expander agitator and ensures quiet emptying.
Heizomat presents the new moving floor discharger. The self-supporting system does not require any structural measures and allows large spaces to be used as wood chip storage facilities.


The first truck chipper with 440hp straight from the ancillary drive is presented. Full equipped with a long chain feed belt, two cameras and specially converted truck cooling system, the HM14-800 KL leaves nothing to be desired.


Heizomat celebrates its 25th anniversary with 20,000 visitors to Heidenheim and Maicha.
The first Heizohand is built. A firewood stove that keeps the whole house warm.


Purchase of the former Hahnenkamm barracks. The 380ha site with tank halls is ideal for the production of boilers and chippers, as well as for demonstrations and practical tests.
The first HEIZOHACK HM 14-800 KL is ready. The chipper is built on a 320hp truck. The drive is taken from the truck engine and the built in crane can be conveniently operated from the seat of the air-conditioned cab.


The first wood gathering grab and HEIZOGREIF transport tongs are built. This means bushes, sawn timber and even trunks lying on the ground can easily be gathered and transported to the chipping area.


Feeding wood chips rapidly into high storage rooms was often a problem. With the combination of HEIZOSCHNECK and HEIZOTRANS, this can now be achieved very efficiently. The load-dependent auger always transports the optimal amount of wood chips to the fan.


The first HEIZOSCHNEID is built. The machine can be attached to tractors, loaders, excavators, etc. to mechanically harvest shrubbery, bushes and trees. Thanks to the sturdy construction, it is possible to hold the trunk with the tongs, trim it with the blade and transport it vertically.


The first RHK-AK boiler went into operation in Maicha. This boiler system will be the basis for burning wood chips contaminated with foreign bodies such as nails, stones, etc. However, the new cyclone incinerator and the chain bar de-asher also open the way to using a wide range of biologically based fuels and biomass.


The controller is converted to microchip technology. This makes it possible to initiate functional processes, such as exhaust gas monitoring, lambda probe and infinitely variable capacity control of the feed and combustion blower. Interfaces and potential-free contacts, e.g. to actuate pumps, boilers, etc. become possible.


Construction of the first HSK-RA boiler, which also automatically cleans the heat exchanger surfaces and discharges the ash. This ensures maximum operating comfort and consistently high efficiency.


Development and production of a bunker agitator gear that transmits the power via gears and prevents moisture and dirt from entering the input and output shafts by means of a labyrinth sealing system.


The HEIZOHACK HM 5-14 chipper series is built. Up to 40cm Ø can be chipped. HM 10-12-14 K crane-fed hackers are also developed this year.


The first large HSK-A special boilers< in 300/400/500/650/850kW are supplied.


The first HEIZOHACK HM-4 wood chipper goes into operation.


The HSK-A boiler is developed with an automatic ash discharger which discharges the ash from the incinerator into an ash container.


The first HEIZOMAT HSK boiler is manufactured, horizontal large volume heat exchangers that are easy to clean by hand.


The first rotary valve burn-back protection valve is built. The design gives 100% security that there will be no burn-back into the fuel bunker and no air leakage into the boiler through the auger.


Development of the chamber discharger with a multi-stage articulated agitator. This means any storage room can be tapped directly and used as a fuel tank.


The first HEIZOMAT furnace complete with a day tank.

Meet the family...

We develop and produce fully automatic wood heating systems, professional wood chipping machines and more for the sustainable use of domestic resources.

Once the trees have been felled, the raw material must be processed quickly. For optimal value, this also applies to small wood, tree tops and wood waste.

All aspects are considered with regard to environmentally friendly heating with woodchips - including the efficient transport of the woodchips into the bunker.

Heizotruck power packs solve even the most demanding tasks, whether in the forest or in the field. We have models for forestry and agricultural use on offer.

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With our fully automatic wood chip and biomass combustion systems, you can heat in a way that is environmentally friendly and in balance with our local nature.

Our philosophy

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We make our products exclusively in Germany. This means that we can have our products manufactured at the highest technical level by very qualified specialists.

The Maicha site

The Maicha site /

Around 130 qualified employees manufacture our Heizomat wood chip and biomass heating systems and wood chipper machines in our main site in Maicha, Bavaria.

The wood chip cycle

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Our business is pure resource efficiency and regionality. Heizomat promotes an environmentally-friendly wood chip cycle & is itself part of this concept.

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On this site you will find some interesting references from works representatives, partners, authorities and others who are connected to the world of Heizomat.

The Heidenheim site

The Heidenheim site /

The increasing demand for wood chip heating & innovative energy solutions was the initiator for our second site in Germany, the location Heidenheim in Bavaria.